Thursday, September 10, 2009

Getting Ready for the Holidays

We have a new item in our shop, our latest handknit Nativity set. We try to make at least one Nativity a year. They are very time consuming and intricate work. This set includes two pieces of cotton fabric to help with your holiday decorating. One piece resembles rocky ground and the other is quite dark with small sparkly stars scattered all over it.

Each piece of cloth left unfinished so that you can cut or drape it to fit your space. In the first photo, I stacked up empty cereal boxes in different heights before draping the fabric so that I have different levels on which to place the dolls.

This set includes Mary, who is holding the baby Jesus in her arms. Joseph is holding a lantern. The Angel is carrying a heart. The Shepherd has a crook and one sheep. The three Kings are carrying their own special gifts.